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The Encyclopedia of Goddesses and Heroines

The first dictionary of goddesses ever published was Monaghan's 1980 Book of Goddesses and Heroines," which was reissued several times and became a standard text in the area. This expanded edition offers a number of new features. The divinities are arranged by cultural pantheon. Volume one covers Africa, Egypt and the African diaspora, the Eastern Mediterranean, India and Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Korea, the Pacific Islands and Australia. In volume two, readers find Europe (Baltic, Celtic world, Finno-Ugric cultures, Greece, Rome, Scandinavia, Southeastern Europe and the Slavic peoples) and the Americas (North, South, and Mesoamerica as well as the Caribbean). Each section begins with an analysis of the role of women in religion in that cultural area. Extensive indexes giving alternate names and spellings, as well as comprehensive bibliographies round out each section.

In addition, several introductory chapters explore the symbols of goddesses and methods of studying female divinities. An extensive bibliography of goddess-related books and other media concludes the volumes.