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Goddesses in World Culture

In these three volumes, more than sixty international contributors unveil the myths and rituals of dozens of goddesses from all parts of the globe.

1. Lakshmi: Hindu Goddess of Abundance; Constantina Rhodes
2. Kali: Goddess of Life, Death, and Transcendence; June McDaniel
3. The Goddess Ganga: Her Power, Mythos, and Worldly Challenges; Kelly D. Alley
4. Village Goddesses: Vernacular Religion in Orissa; Elinor Gadon and Rita Ray
5. Mariamma: Cosmic Creation Goddess; Judy Grahn
6. Durga: Invincible Goddess of South Asia; Laura Amazzone
7. Kumari: Nepal’s Eternally Living Goddess; Jeffrey S. Lidke
8. Dakini: The Goddess Who Takes Form as a Woman; Vicki Noble
9. Tara: Savior, Buddha, Holy Mother; Miranda Shaw
10. Guanyin: Goddess of Embodied Compassion; Betz King
11. Xi Wangmu: The Great Goddess of China; Max Dashu
12. Yama no Kami: Mountain Mother of Japan; Denise Saint Arnault
13. Re-membering the Cosmogonic Goddess of Cheju: Sôlmundae Halmani; Koh Hea-Kyoung
14. The Maiden with a Thousand Slippers: Animal Helpers and the Hero(ine)’s Journey; Doré Ripley
15. Sekhmet, Bast, and Hathor: Power, Passion, and Transformation through the Egyptian Goddess Trinity; Normandi Ellis
16. Nut: Egyptian Night-Sky Goddess; Margaret Kruszewska
17. The Queen of Sheba: Transformation of an Ancient Cosmology of Interconnectedness; Miri Hunter Haruach
18. The Goddess Auset: An Ancient Egyptian Spiritual Framework; C. S’thembile West
19. Ogbuide: The Igbo Lake Goddess; Sabine Jell-Bahlsen
20. Òsun: Yorùbá Goddess in Nigeria and the African Diaspora; Diedre L. Badejo
21. Iyami Osoronga: Primordial Mothers of Yoruba Spirituality; Aina Olomo

1. Nisaba of Eresh: Goddess of Grain, Goddess of Writing; Betty De Shong Meador
2. Queen of Heaven and Earth: Inanna-Ishtar of Mesopotamia; Johanna Stuckey
3. Asherah: Hidden Goddess of the Bible; Daniel Cohen
4. Lilith: The Primordial Feminine; M. Kelley Hunter
5. Mary Magdalene: Tradition, Myth, and the Search for Meaning; Susan Little
6. The Fat Lady of Malta: Interpreting Her Obesity, Nudity, and Sexuality; Cristina Biaggi
7. The Goddess Tanit and Her Revenants in Sicily: Demeter, Persephone, Anne, and Mary; Dolores DeLuise
8. The Anatolian Mother: Kybele; Zühre Indirkas
9. Heroine of Troy: The Many Faces of Helen; Judith Roche
10. Gaia: Dynamic, Diverse, Source and Place of Being; Glenys Livingstone
11. The Deer Mother: Earth’s Nurturing Epicenter of Life and Death; Kathryn Henderson
12. Silkies: An Interspecies Love Story in Legend, Song, and Story; Brenda Peterson
13. Swan Maiden: The Animal That Adam Could Not Name; Boria Sax
14. A Walk with Berehinia: Goddess of Ukraine and Russia; Mary B. Kelly
15. Sheela na Gig: Dark Goddess of Europe; Starr Goode
16. The Goddess-Turned-Heroine of the Celts: Queen Medb and the Sovereignty of Ireland; Miriam Robbins Dexter
17. Sulis (Minerva) and Other “Celtic” Goddesses: The Native Tradition in Pre-Roman Britain; Cheryl Straffon
18. The Rhineland Deae Matronae: Collective Female Deity in Germanic Europe; Dawn E. Work-MaKinne
19. The Norns: Representatives of Fate in Old Norse Tradition; Karen Bek-Pedersen
20. Danu, Raetia, Marisa: Mountain Goddess of the Alps; Claire French

1. Jillinya: Great Mother of the Kimberley; Munya Andrews
2. Rock Goddesses: Australia’s First Creator Beings; Margaret Grove
3. The Native American Earth Mother: From the Inuit to the Inca; Jordan Paper
4. Mother and Origin: Female Divinity in South America; Max Dashu
5. Earth and the Nahuas: The Goddess of Ancient Mexico; Sylvia Marcos
6. Goddess Androgyne : Coatlicue of the Aztecs; Lanier Graham
7. Xochiquetzal: Goddess of Flowers and Love; Patrizia Granziera
8. Our Lady of Guadalupe: Mother of a New Race; Barbara Flaherty
9. La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre: Cuba’s Virgin of Charity; Karen Dillon
10. Gran Brijit: Haitian Vodou Guardian of the Cemetery; Kerry Noonan
11. Corn Mother in North America: Life-Bringer and Culture-Bearer; David Aftandilian
12. Nookomis and Mindemoya: Grandmother Moon and the Old Woman of the Mists; Ann Megisikwe Filemyr
13 White Buffalo Calf Woman (Pte-san win-yan): The First and Second Coming; Arieahn Matamonasa-Bennett
14. Wolves and the Divine Feminine: European and Native American Wolf Mythologies; Cristina Eisenberg
15 Sedna: Underwater Goddess of the Arctic Sea; Jacqueline Thursby
16. Spider Woman: Creator and Destroyer; Marion W. Copland
17. The One and the Many: The Return of the Goddess in Contemporary American Novels; Kathleen L. Nichols
18. Audre Lorde’s Seboulisa: Muse for the Death Journey; Sharon L. Barnes
19. Sekhmet in America: The Heart of the Sun ; Anne Key
20. Artemis as Protectress of Female Mysteries: Modern Worship in the Dianic Tradition in America; Denise Saint Arnault
21. American Goddess: A Modern Apotheosis; Michael B. MacDonald
22. Deae ex Machina: Goddesses from a Machine; Kyle Glasgow