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A new edition of the definitive guide to dozens of ways to meditate, presented for beginners. Co-authored with yoga expert Eleanor Viereck.
"A dreamy, utterly enchanting walking meditation on Ireland's pagan heart."
An introduction to the history of wine in the Midwest and a guide to current producers.
Poems about the sacred Heartland
Seasons as metaphors for women's lives
Poetry and physics dance in this stunning collection
A searing book about the effects of war on veterans and their families.
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Three volumes of essays on fascinating divinities from around the world
Definitive volume on the myths and legends of the Celtic peoples.
The definitive resource on the world's female deities.
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Early Yule greetings

December 1, 2011

Although I generally send newsletters on the old Celtic holidays, I'm making an exception in order to share some exciting news: As of today, my first novel is officially out!

"Alaska by Heart: Recipes for Independence by Sarah Pagen" is the campaign autobiography of the first candidate for the US presidency of the American Independence Party. Oh, yeah, it's also a cookbook, because Sarah is an Extremovore cooking show hostess, showing you how to kill animals to create such mouth-watering dishes as Moose Haggis and Whale Wellington. And let me mention that it's also a behind-the-scenes look at those important Alaskan industries: marijuana and religion. And it's a bit of a songbook, because Sarah's six children are the crossover Northern Gospel stars, the Trapper Family Singers (you do remember their big hit, "Locked and Loaded for the Lord," don't you?). Oh, and I almost forgot, it's also a gay romance, because the long-suffering copyeditor Ray, faced with the bizarre claims of his author, takes refuge with the handsome fact-checker Randy....but let me not spill the beans too much here, except to say there's a happy ending.

I spent much of the last two years working on this book and am delighted with the clever cover and interior design by the publisher, McRoy and Blackburn. It's the perfect gift for your strange right-wing uncle with the "opinions." It's also the perfect gift for your leftwing sister who delights in seeing Rachel Maddow poke fun at, you know, your uncle's opinions.

The publisher would be elated to see orders come flying in for the holiday season. Although I won't be doing readings or other public appearances until after the holidays, I hope you'll consider putting Sarah Pagen under a tree this holiday. Someone, somewhere, needs her!

Yes, there will be an e-reader version, but not until after the holidays. Meanwhile, thanks for your support for Sarah's candidacy, and thanks for sharing with me this thrilling moment in my writing life!

cheers PM

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